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EHI is the Industrial Hygiene Services expert positioned to work with the large and small organizations to address their workers' health and safety issues. EHI is committed to providing the attention and sensitivity required to assist clients in a timely and cost‑effective manner. EHI performs Industrial Hygiene Services (IH) in several different capacities including:


  •        Auditing of field operations

  •        Rapid emergency response measures

  •        Sampling and analysis to evaluate compliance with OSHA/PEOSHA

  •        Identification of unknown workplace contaminants & chemical hazards

  •        Identification of physical, biological and ergonomic hazards

  •        Investigation of worker discomfort complaints

  •        Recommendation of appropriate contaminant control practices

  •        Development or review of worker protection programs


EHI will use a step wise approach to investigate industrial conditions for its clients. A site visit is usually the first step during which a senior EHI staff member will work with a company representative to evaluate the project. In some cases, based on the broad base of experience of the EHI team, most questions can be answered on the spot. In instances which require a larger scale industrial hygiene evaluation, EHI will tailor our proposed follow‑up measures to the particular needs of the situation.


EHI develops sampling and analysis strategies to ensure that appropriate chemicals are investigated. EHI can determine a client's regulatory compliance with the workers' health and safety standards. Furthermore, because EHI scientists are familiar with the research on which many of the industrial standards are based. EHI can provide an interpretation of chemical concentrations measured. EHI prides itself in its ability to present findings to workers in a manner that is educational, accurate, and non‑threatening, while being aware of the sensitive nature of this information to all concerned parties.


Environmental Health Investigations is capable of providing large and small organizations with the following Industrial Hygiene related services:



Facility Audits

Workplace Hazard Evaluation

Job Site Safety Analysis

Ergonomic Evaluations

Personal Exposure Monitoring

Noise Surveys

Development of Control Methods

Hazard Communication



Hazardous Materials Management

Building Audits

Development of Programs

Remediation Design and Oversight

"Green Building" Planning

Expert Witness Testimony



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