New Jersey Adopts New Asbestos Regulation


New Jersey recently adopted emergency amendments with respect to the testing of building materials suspected of containing asbestos.  The new rules require that buildng material such as floor tiles, mastics, roofing and other materials bound in organic matrices be analyzed by Transmission Electron Microscopy.


The new requirement should have little or no impact on Environmental Health Investigations existing clients.  EHI has been employing the TEM method for non friable organically bound materials for the past ten years.


EHI remains committed to protecting the interests of our client by adhering to the highest scientifically defensible methods for all our work.  Our staff of professionals is always ready to assist you with or answer any questions you may have.


If you are interested in viewing the actual Regulation, Click here or click on the Government Link page and navigate to the New Jersey Asbestos regulation link.


As you are aware EHI maintains a large staff of qualified personnel who can respond to the new Asbestos Requirements on your behalf 

We would be happy to discuss how the new regulations may affect your upcoming project. 




The New York State Department of Labor has issued revised asbestos regulations which become effective on September 5, 2006.  To learn more about these requirements visit NY Dept. of Labor Amended code 56 regulations.


There are several new requirements which may directly affect your organization.  These include: 


Prior to the issuance of any construction permit you will be required to provide an asbestos report which evaluates whether asbestos materials are present and if these materials will be disturbed by the anticipated work.  This survey can only be conducted by  a New York Asbestos Inspector. 


Any variance petition must be prepared and submitted by a New York State Department of Labor Certified Project Designer. 


An appropriately trained and New York State Department of Labor Certified Project Monitor, contracted by the building owner, independent of the asbestos abatement contractor must conduct a visual inspection at the completion of an abatement project to verify completeness of abatement and cleanup. 


EHI is a NY Asbestos Inspector. EHI’s team of qualified personnel  can respond to the new Asbestos Requirements on your behalf. 


We would be happy to discuss how the new regulations may affect your upcoming project. 


On January 16, 2007, the NJ Department of Children & Families (DCF) adopted changes in licensing regulations regarding the physical plant of all child care centers.


If you need to renew your child care center license you need to comply with these new requirements. These new requirements are a result of a recent discovery that a child care center in Gloucester County operated for two years on a site with environmental concerns. The new requirements were created to ensure that your building was not previously used in a way that poses an environmental threat to the safety of the children that you care for.


If your building was used as either a nail salon, dry cleaner, or had other high hazard, factory, storage or industrial uses, you must certify that your center complies with government requirements regarding soil and indoor environmental conditions.


In certain instances air sampling must be conducted to demonstrate that the child care center is free from certain toxic air containments. The new regulation also requires that the presence of asbestos, lead paint and radon be evaluated.


Environmental Health Investigations Inc. (EHI) provides site investigation services to ensure that you have all the certifications and inspections needed for renewal of your child care center license.


Services include:


·        Property use historical research


·        Asbestos testing


·        Indoor air quality samplings


·        Environmental site investigations


·        Lead paint testing


EHI will document the results and provide all the data and certification documents needed to ensure a smooth renewal of your license.


EHI’s team of certified professionals will provide a total health & safety solution so you can focus on keeping the children you care for happy and healthy. 


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