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Lead Paint Testing


Environmental Health Investigations (EHI) is an EPA licensed lead inspection firm. EHI has all the necessary licenses required to conduct lead paint testing in both NY and NJ.

In NJ, legislation called the “Lead Hazard Control Assistance Act” requires that all multifamily rental properties be maintained in a lead-safe condition.  For more information on this regulation visit www.state.nj.us/dca/codes.

In NY, lead-based paint regulations forced property owners to change the way they deal with painted surfaces in their properties. "Local Law 1 of 2004" broadens owner responsibilities in dealing with renovation projects, refinancing and day-to-day operations. 

Local Law 1 requires that all painted surfaces within building built prior to 1960 be presumed to contain lead paint.  Testing the paint for lead can only rebut the presumption.   In addition when painted surfaces are disturbed, special precautions must be taken and wipe samples of surfaces collected in insure compliance with the laws standards of acceptance. 

EHI can assist property owners by obtaining exceptions by certifying their property lead free after conducting XRF Spectrophotometric testing.  Should lead exist within the property; EHI can develop a workable Operations & Maintenance Plan for your building.


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